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1. The Drilling Rig

The Hydra-Drill is the most popular water well drilling rig in the world. With this amazing machine, you'll not only drill your own water well, you'll also have fun doing it!

2. Drill Stem

The drill stem connects the drill bit to the Hydra-Drill and is a conduit for the drilling fluid. First decide how deep you would like to drill, then order enough drill stem to drill the entire depth of your well.

3. Drill Bits

The drill bits are attached to the end of the string of drill stem and cut through various formations you encounter. They have a tungsten carbide surface which provides an extremely hard cutting edge.

4. Well Casing

The well casing is the outer pipe of your water well. You install the well casing after you have completed the drilling process. The casing is lowered into the hole and keeps the hole open. You will need the same amount of casing as drill stem.

5. Well Screen

The well screen is a section of pipe perforated with thousands of small slots. The screen attaches to the bottom of the well casing and filters out sand and sediment from your water. Using a well screen prolongs the life of your well.

6. Well Drilling Pump

Water flushes the cuttings out of the hole as you drill. Besides using far less water, the re-circulating pump allows you to use drilling mud to improve your drilling success.

7. Drilling Additive

Powdered natural clay and an organic liquid polymer are two important ingredients of a professional drilling fluid. These additives help remove cuttings from the hole and keep sand and gravel layers from collapsing. Drilling additives can only be used with a re-circulation pump.

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