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Fraste has been one of the first companies in Italy and in the world to understand the importance and the potentiality of geothermal heating system.   Fraste has been carrying out for over a decade an empirical  studying  concerning the importance and the advantages which can come from this kind of renewable, non polluting energy and its application fields. 

Contemporary to the above described research,  Fraste has been engineering and developing  some specific drilling rigs for the utilization  of the geothermal energy,  optimising and improving them to reach a top performance and reliable  product which captured the interest of the worldwide geothermal  experts and operators. Today the drilling rig for geothermal use is called:   FRASTE  MULTIDRILL XL , is the drilling rigs series that  FRASTE has engineered  in the two different versions   XL DR  (double rotary head)  and   XL Max.   (See pictures and catalogues here below).   

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