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The new series of the Multidrill ML drilling rig is fitted with 68 HP diesel engine that gives the opportunity to further enlarge its performances among the various drilling fields it can be used. High quality components, carefully designed and construction stages monitored at any production phase, make the Multidrill  ML more efficient, compact and versatile, just keeping the dimensions of previous series. With above special features, the Multidrill ML is one of the most required models within the Multidrill ML rigs line and by now many drillers in the World largely appreciate it.

POWER PACK: Kubota diesel engine 68 HP.
ROTARY HEADS: Torque range up to kgm 500.
Rotation speed range up to rpm 1000.
ROTARY HEAD STROKE: mm 2000 - 3500.
PULL-DOWN SYSTEM: Pull-up kg. 3000. Pull-down kg. 2000.
WINCH: Pulling capacity kg. 1100.
PERCUSSION WINCH: Pulling capacity kg 200 - stroke mm 350. RAWLER UNDERCARRIAGE: Rubber or steel.
STABILIZERS: Nr. 4 hydraulic cylinders.

OPTIONALS: Many accessories are avaiable to customize and widen MULTIDRILL XL range of activity:

  • Load sensing hydraulic system
  • Interchangeable drilling system
  • Many torques and R.P.M. for rotary heads
  • Winches: fixed drum wire line - percussion
  • Piston - centrifugal screw type mud pumps
  • Foam injection pump
  • DTH hammer line lubrificator
  • Casing pipes pulling devices
  • Electric generator/welding machine
  • Air compressor
  • Crawler carrier with hydraulically variable track
  • Electric or radio remote control for crawler carrier
  • Towing winch

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