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Compact, powerful and versatile: these are the features that mark the Multidrill PL, an absolutely reliable drilling unit that includes the most advanced technologies.
The Multidrill PL has been totally renewed, each detail has been up-to dated and its excellent performances are perfect for many different drilling applications. It is fixed to a strong crawler carrier that can be remote operated by means of an electric cable that allows any movement with the best safety. Components and controls are well placed on the main frame and this allows the operator a perfect visibility of drilling area and quick and smooth rig manoeuvres.

Max width 1360 mm
Weel base 1065 mm
Ground pressure 0,45 kg./qcm.
Trevelling speed 3,1 km/h
Max gradeability 60%

Kubota V1505T
Power 31,3 kW (42,6) 3000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 65 L
Fuel consumption 260 g/kWh
Oil tank capacity 90Lt.

Double clamp dia 45 @ 175 mm
Clamping force 8100 daN
Break - out torque 700 daNm

Rotary head stroke 2500-3500 mm
Pull-up 1800 daN
Pull-down 1300 daN
Extraction speed 34m/1'
Feed speed 60m/1'

Max torque 2/4speeds/Hydraulic 520daNm           
2/4 speeds / Hydraulic drifter 850 rpm

Max line pull fixed drum 1000 daN
Drum capacity fixed drum 20m

A wide range of drilling accessories is available according to the drilling uses of the rig. Radio remote control for all drilling functions of the ris is available upon request.

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