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Tractor Mounted Drilling Rigs - KLR TC - 40, Core Drill Rig
Technical Specifications
KLR, TC-40, is a Tractor Mounted Top drive all Hydraulically operated core Drilling Rig extracting main power from Tractor Engine, is designed for Geo-technical investigation (Geological survey), soil sampling application capable of drilling to a maximum depth of 150 Mt. (500 feet)
Drilling Capacity

Core Drilling Parameters
Drilling Sizes & Drilling Depths
NW Drilling (core 54.0 mm) 150 m 500 Feet
NX Casting (88.9 mm Drilling) 50 m 150 Feet

Mast Structure
Strudy structural Channel type mast of electrically welded construction, main members made out of heavy duty structural steel channels reinforced with suitable cross members, so that it will be strong enough to withstand the varying drilling loads.

Mast Length 5500 mm
Rotary Head Travel 4500 mm
Centraliser Opening 200 mm
Raising and Lowering with hydraulic cylinder
Max. Rod handling Capacity 3 m

Tophead Rotary Drive
Heavy-duty hydraulic driven Top head Rotation unit having infinitely variable speed (0 to 500rpm) will be provided. This unit travels on the Mast and is of sturdy construction to absorb sudden & varying shock loads generally encountered during drilling operations.

Output Speed 0-500 rpm
Output Torque 60 Kgm
Types of Gears Spur Gears
Drive Motor type OMT 200/Orbital
No. of Motors 01 No.

Feed System
Feed system is provided with adequate travel for handling drill pipes upto 3.0 Mtl ong.

The feed
and hoist are actuated by a suitable hydraulic cylinder with wire rope and pulley arrangement.
The feed system has the following capabilies

Max. Pull Up Force 4500 kgf
Max. Pull Down Force 2400 kgf
Max. Pull Up Speed 40 m/min
Max. Pull Down Speed 65 m/min
Reeving Ratio (Wire Rope) 1:3

The feed system will be incorporated with Hold back arrangement to control and limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to suit the variable ground conditions.
Hydraulic System

Max. Operating Pressure 160 kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 300 Lts
Filtration(Nom.) - Return Line 10 microns
Hydraulic Oil Cooler 40 GPM (Fin type Oil to Air)

Prime Mover
Power required for the rig hydraulics shall be drawn from the tractor engine through the out put shaft (PTO).

Stabilizers (Jacks)
System consists of three hydraulic leveling jacks with 'Reverse flow restricted valves to ensure safe operation. Two numbers are at the front (Operator side) of the rig controlled by two separate valves and one jack at the rear side of the rig controlled by a single valve.

Type Hydraulic cylinder
No. of Jacks 3 Nos

Breakout Wrench
The Drill Rig is equipped with hydraulic breakout wrench for tightening and loosing of drill pipes and the hammer.

Cylinder Bore Diameter 80 mm 3 Inch
Stroke 300 mm 12 Inch

Water Injection Pump
Triplex plunger pump shall be used for DTH Drilling.

Capacity 36 lpm
Max Pressure 40 bar

Winch Assembly
Hydraulically operated wire line winch is mounted on mast to handle the casing pipes, drill pipes and other handling tools.

Line Pull (Bare Drum) 800 kgf
Line Speed (Bare Drum) 40 Mt./min

Air Compressor
Air compressor of suitable capacity as mentioned can be used for carrying out the DTH drilling activity.

Air Compressor 450 cfm/150 psi
Make Reputed make

Note: the compressor shall be mounted on separate two wheel single dummy axle waith mechanical stabilizers quantity one number.
Air Line Lubricator
Air line lubricator of capacity mentioned below shall be mounted for the supply of lubricating Oil to the hammer.

Capacity 600 cfm/200 psi
Make Reputed make
KLR Drilling Rigs can be supplied in custom-built models in various Configurations as indicated below, Mounting features to suit all special requirements and Technical specifications can be offered accordingly
KLR TBH -40, capable of drilling up to 50 Meters (150 feet) in case of Blast Hole Drilling

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